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SteveC is a Information System Management major at U of Maryland with a 3.5 GPA, his favorite movie is Spirited Away, he sponsors a team with a guy on it that likes to ejaculate on pictures of people, has played at the top level this game has to offer, and still plays for the joy that TF2 brings…


We’re here.

The time has come Tumblr squadron, tonight we announce to you Tumblr vs Reddit Season 2.

Apply Here~!

For those unfamiliar, Tumblr vs Reddit (or tVr) is a month of friendly competition between Tumblr and Reddit. In these show-matches all levels of experience are welcome to apply as one of the cornerstones of our event is to create a venue for players with varying levels of skill to have a chance to play and have fun.

These show-matches will also be casted live with further details to be announced soon.

This season we’ll have 5 teams representing each community from all around the world, US West, US East, EU, and Aus/Oceania with the 5th game being announced tomorrow with all details in tow.

Below you’ll find what region will play when:

  • June 14th - US West
  • June 15th - US East
  • June 21st - EU
  • June 22nd - Aus/Oceania
  • June 28th - Mystery Game

See you guys then.



Grimes by John Londono


Grimes by John Londono